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Prosimgraphspro contains a series of applications useful to simulate processes, draw/interrupt 2D/3D graphs and draw chemical diagrams. Easy to use applications for the designer. Ideal for engineering, scientific professionals, students and educational personnel.

ProsimGraphsPro is represents a Process simulation, graphing package, which is also incorporated within CHEMMATHS.

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Download :PROSIMGRAPHSPRO   (5.3MB approx.)

Software informer

Software informer - Prosimgraphspro

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Scroll through to see the many different features of ProsimGraphsPro: (click each thumbnail image to enlarge)


Prosim - simulator

Allows for pipe flow processes to be to be simulated. Vessels, pumps, valves can be added and controls manipulated for various situations.


Prosim contains 20 of each of the following equipment items :

Graph Presentations

Allows data to be displayed in 12 types of 2D/3D graphs. i.e. line, pie, 2d/3d bar ......The graphs can be easily manipulated in different presentation formats (titles, legends, axis, background etc. can all be manipulated), 3D graphs can be rotated, graphs can be printed, copied to other programs (through the Windows clipboard). Statistics of the graphs be be easily displayed (max., min, regression lines etc..), data can entered manually or through a text file or through the Windows Clipboard or generated using Graphs equations. The data of the graphs can be saved.

ZGraphs : Enables the drawing of mathematical graphs. Offers a large array of graphs to be drawn via different data entry and manipulated. Uses the Zedgraph dll engine.


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